Passion in Performance

Our mission is to enhance your financial portfolio while minimizing risk.

Performance Summary

Year      Rate of Return YTD     

2012          31.11%                  

2013          69.26%                

2014          49.77%                 

2015          26.35%           

2016          19.39%                    

2017          22.35%


6 Year Verified ROR Average = 36.37%


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Verified Performance

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Advanced Capital Investments FX (Acifx) as an asset manager has over 22 years of successful trading on the Foreign Currency Exchange ( Forex, FX )

Although governmental regulations prohibit us from stating ‘guaranteed profits', our transacting expertise is based on proprietary ratios of fundamental and technical analysis which include a five conditions time tested winning trading methodology combined with strong conservative risk money management techniques that has the potential to produce high probability winning transactions in a Managed Financial Investment.

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with an introducing broker, management, administration, maintenance or spread fee.

  • Acifx profits through a performance fee of the generated profit 
  • Above average yearly rate of return 
  • Complete Liquidity
  • Monitor your individual live managed account 24/7
  • Managed Account with Regulated Brokers (IFSC) or (ASIC)
  • Mentorship Program Available 

      Bottom Line ~ The incentive performance fee is only granted to Acifx if                       a profit is generated in the investors' account.

            Our mission is to enhance your financial portfolio while minimizing risk. 

                           Contact Us: info.Acifx.com@gmail.com