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65.77% Account Gain for 2019 97% Trade win Ratio

Professional Trading

Our Mission; to enhance your Investment portfolio

Fundamental Analysis

Events move markets

Technical Analysis

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Professionally Managed Investments

 Global Asset Management Specialist  

Passion in Performance

 Our Goal is to give unparalleled service exceeding far beyond our clients expectations  

Past Performance

Audited & Verified

   ✦  Year  ✦  Gain  ✦ 

 ✦ 2012 ✦ 31.11%

 ✦ 2013 ✦ 69.23%

 ✦ 2014 ✦ 49.77%

 ✦ 2015 ✦ 17.49%

 ✦ 2016 ✦ 12.22%

 ✦ 2017 ✦ 20.67%

 ✦ 2018 ✦ 11.35%

 ✦ 2019 ✦ 65.77%

Asset Management Specialist

Managed Investment Accounts

Managed Investment Account

Verified Performance

Advanced Capital Investments (Acifx),  a Global Asset Management Specialist 

with a 26 year history of working in the Managed Investment industry with a concentration in Commodities and the Foreign Exchange.

Advanced Capital Investments provides expert professional trading, that can serve clients in over 150 countries. Skilled in Investor Relations and Asset Management.


 Professionally Managed Investments focused in Advanced Technical and 

Fundamental Analysis methods of the Managed Investment Markets. 

Our transacting expertise is based on proprietary ratios of fundamental 

and  technical analysis which include a five conditions time tested

 winning trading methodology with conservative risk money 

management techniques that produce profitable transactions.

Verified Performance 2012 - 2015

Verified Performance 2016 - 2019

Managed Investment Account

Advanced Capital Investments

 Is Not Compensated with a management, administration, maintenance or spread fee. 

Acifx is compensated through an *incentive performance fee of the generated profit

  • 65.77% account gain for 2019  ✦  Audited and Verified
  • 97% Trade win ratio  ✦ Audited and Verified
  • HNWI and Accredited investors 
  • Monitor your managed account 24/7
  • Funds are held in segregated client bank accounts Euram Bank 
  • Clients have 100% full control of their accounts 
  • 25K minimum account opening

Bottom Line ~ The *incentive performance fee is only granted to Acifx if a

 profit is generated in the investor's account.

 Our Mission ; to enhance your investment portfolio 

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Advanced Capital Investments

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